ACFE/IIA joint session on Reaction to Fraud:

On November the 27th we were pleased to bring in a  lawyer specializing in Fraud to give ~35 snow bound people in Saskatoon insights into  typical legal issues involved in reacting to indications of Fraud.

David Debenham, an Ottawa lawyer, drew on his background as a CFE, CMA, and an alphabet soup of other designations (BA, MBA, LLB, LLM, DIFA & CFI) to stress how important it was to consider various objectives before deciding on the proper reaction.

He then covered a number of topics including:

· effect of publicity on the victim,

· public need for punishment,

· need for action as fraud prevention.

· the rights of the accused? (or how to avoid being sued….)

· privacy legislation

· what are the legal implications of discovering indications of fraud? 

· what if you do nothing?

· can officers, employees & the BOD be held personally liable if: a) fraud is not prosecuted? b) the employee is fired without recovery

· the top 10 things to consider when investigating a fraud

· limits on a fraud investigation

· surreptitious investigations

· legal techniques to recover losses

Those in attendance were reminded (numerous times) that if they had questions, they could simply buy one of his books on Fraud:

· The Law of Fraud and the Forensic Investigator

· Executive Liability and the Law

ParkTown Hotel - Saskatoon