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Text Box: It’s Been 10 Years!!!

As part of our 10th anniversary, we decided that we should try to document the history of our chapter.  This is our first “rough” draft attempt at this.  If you have ANY additional information that can be added, please feel free to contact any current board member, or send an e-mail to:    feedback@sask-acfe.com

In 1995, several ACFE members from Saskatchewan happened to meet in Ottawa at a CFE training conference (likely the annual Canadian conference) and decided that a chapter in Saskatchewan was a great idea.

“Seed money” from the ACFE head office was received in 1996 – so we have used this as the official recognition and start of the chapter.

June 1996 – first draft of the chapter bylaws were drafted.

First board members included:
Wayne Miner - president	Lynn Mathieson – vice president
Geoff Storms - treasurer	Doug Trew - secretary
Darrell McFayden	Ian Scofield

Started actively recruiting members in 1997-98 – the membership fees then were the same as they are now.

First fraud conference was March 23 and 24, 1998 – a joint conference with the Saskatchewan IIA chapter – 59 people attended.  Was held at Depot.

February 1999 new Board:
Doug Kalesnikoff – president	Don Walker – vice president
Leanne Ashdown – treasurer	Doug Trew – secretary

The period spring 1999 to fall 2001 was a quiet one, with little activity………………

November 2001 new Board:
Sid Bloxom – president	Jerry Whiting – vice president
Doug Kalesnikoff – past president	Steve Foster – training director
Leanne Ashdown – treasurer	Doug Trew – secretary

Joint luncheon with IIA Saskatchewan chapter on identity theft November 19, 2001.

Membership appreciation night held February 28, 2002 to rekindle interest in the chapter.

Sid was president until November 2003 – you can fill in the blanks as to his accomplishments.

Incorporated as a non-profit organization with Saskatchewan Justice on August 7, 2003.

In April 2003 the Board added Stephen Braaten as training director, and we were off to the “races” with a program of regular training events including luncheons and annual conferences.

The current board has been in place since fall 2003, give and take a couple of members.  Accomplishments include the annual conference, the Sid Bloxom memorial scholarship, membership growth, creation and maintenance of our website, newsletters to our members, etc, etc.

Annual conferences:
	December 	2002 	–  16 attendees
	October 	2003 	–  46 attendees
	December 	2004 	–  38 attendees
	November 	2005 	–  64 attendees