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Watch your Returned Cheques

One of our member reported that the prairie wind was so strong this spring, that it blew a cheque right out of his hand! The member was initially concerned; but thought that the risk was low as the cheque was not blank - and was written for deposit only to account of payee in bright red ink. It then rained for 2 days and one would think that that the cheque would be mulch.

But then someone called saying that they found your cheque, and that it should be picked up. When the member picked up the cheque he was stunned to find that the red ink had leached from the cheque and that it was now a clean blank cheque. The cheque was so clean, that if you ironed out a few wrinkles, it could pass as brand new.

So be warned. Keep control of your cancelled or returned Cheques because you do not need high technology to get rid of the writing. Just ordinary water can do the job. Not very reassuring. Except for the honest citizen who cared enough to return the lost cheque.