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- Fraud Training Initiative - 2017

The Saskatchewan Institute of Internal Auditors and the Saskatchewan ACFE have partnered with have partnered with the Workplace Institute to offer our Saskatchewan members discounts on a five day “Investigation Training Suite” session scheduled for February 27 to March 3, 2017.

Each Day covers 5 different aspects of fraud including:

1. Fundamentals of Investigation

2. Investigative interviewing

3. Using Internet as an Investigative Tool

4. Using Internet as an Investigative Tool- part II

5. Prepare for Adjudication, Hearing, or Trial

You can choose which days as you want and the discounts apply to them all.  For more details about this training including speakers, content, cost, etc. download the Attached File.


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We are pleased to announce that members can now pay local chapter fees either by Cheque (like the old days) or with PayPal. 

So now you have Options!  There will be more details in your upcoming renewal notices — or simply click on the following Icon:


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